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Tony Porter: A call to men


Published 2010

At TEDWomen, Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don't "act like a man." Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution: Break free of the "man box."

Run time 00:11:13
Language English


Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - - November 13, 2012
Subject: Tony Porter: A call to men
In this video Tony Porter asks us all to consider how we are going through our lives as people and especially questions men as a group if we aren't overly identifying with a limiting gender based identity he describes as 'a man box' which not only limits ourselves as humans but keeps many men from acknowledging a higher awareness that may help us from hurting the women in our lives.